Requirements For A Messenger

Paul, the apostle writes to his son in the faith in 2 Timothy. The truth that was entrusted to Paul is being passed on to Timothy as well as many others.

In chapter 2 Paul outlines the requirements for being a good messenger using a number of metaphors.

  1. A Genuine Child-{2Ti 2:1-2}
  2. A Good Soldier-{2Ti 2:3-4}
  3. A Dedicated Athlete-{2Ti 2:5}
  4. A Toiling Farmer-{2Ti 2:6-7}
  5. Application of the Metaphors-{2Ti 2:8-14}
  6. A Careful Craftsman-{2Ti 2:15-18}
  7. A Clean Vessel-{2Ti 2:19-21}
  8. A Bondslave of The Lord Jesus-{2Ti 2:22-26}

A Genuine Child-{2 Ti 2:1-2}  Just as in the physical realm the child will have a DNA pattern closely matching the parent, so also in the spiritual realm Paul is urging Timothy to follow him; to live a pattern of care for the assemblies of God’s people, and the people that are a part of those assemblies. 
I refer to this “spiritual DNA” as:

D uty to the
N ext
A ge

A Good Soldier-{2 Ti 2:3-4} Timothy is to fight enduring hardness, avoiding distractions and keeping the goal of pleasing the Commander In Chief in mind at all times.

A Dedicated Athlete-{2 Ti 2:5}  Timothy is to run being mindful to follow the rules that allow the desired goal to be reached; a victory and reward without the chance of being disqualified.

A Toiling Farmer-{2 Ti 2:6-7} Timothy is to labour in the field planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting a crop for The Lord.

A Careful Craftsman-{2 Ti 2:15-18} Timothy is to build follow God’s plan laid out His Word Accurately

A Clean Vessel-{2 Ti 2:19-21}  Timothy is to prepare himself as a vessel emptied, cleansed, and dedicated to The Lord.

A Bondslave of The Lord Jesus-{2 Ti 2:22-26}  Timothy is to behave as a servant avoiding unnecessary conflict, keeping his desires in check, going after righteousness, teaching and correcting as required. His attitude must be one of gentleness, patience and meekness.

This advice is in one of the books referred to as “the pastoral epistles” This would certainly be paramount for someone who takes the title of “Pastor”. However, the word in scripture simply means “shepherd”. Anyone seeking to tend or feed the flock of God should strive to attain to what is being urged upon Timothy by his father in the faith.  While the degree will vary the action words highlighted above should be followed to some degree by all Christians.

Timothy The Messenger

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