Divine Titles In The New Testament


God, θεός, Theos. This title corresponds with the Hebrew titles ~E1,
“Eloah, and sElohim : singular and plural; but the beautiful precision
of the Hebrew is not expressed in the Greek. It is applied to Father,
Son, and Spirit; especially to God the Father.

Father, Πατήρ, Pateer. The title under which especially God is revealed in
the New Testament, as by “Jehovah” in the Old.

Lord, Δεσπότης, Despotees. Sovereign Lord. Applied both to the Father and
the Son.

Lord, Κύριος, Kurios. Master, Owner. In quotations from the Hebrew it is
often used for “Jehovah/’ both with and without the article, especially

Otherwise it corresponds with the Hebrew title “_Adon” or “
sAdonahy,” expressing lordship or authority.

Lord, Κύριος, Kurios. A title of the Lord Jesus, as master and proprietor.

Jesus, Ιησούς, Ieesous. Hebrew, Jehoshua, the Salvation of Jehovah. Or,
Jehovah, the Saviour. The name given to Christ at His birth, as the Saviour
of the people of Jehovah.

Christ, Χριστός, Christos. The Anointed. The Messiah.

From ‘χρίω, to anoint.

Jesus Christ, Ιησούς Χριστός. His title as living and dying on earth; or,
as having lived and died. Here the emphasis is on “Jesus,”
as expressed by its being placed first, the once humbled One, now
glorified. The anointed One on earth for His service in humiliation.

Christ Jesus, Χριστός Ιησούς. His title as risen and glorified. Anointed
for His heavenly priesthood. Here the emphasis is on “Christ,” as now
glorified, once humbled. It does not occur in the Gospels.

Jesus Christ our Lord, or our Lord Jesus Christ.
As having been obedient unto death, and now exalted.
Having redeemed His people with His blood.

Christ Jesus the Lord. As anointed in resurrection, and having also sealed
His people with the Spirit.

The Lord Jesus. All authority in heaven and on earth being given to Him;
here the emphasis is on Lord.

Spirit, πνεύμα, pneuma, without the article. Characteristic. Used of the
grace, or operation of the Spirit of God.

The Spirit, τὸ Πνεύμα, to Pneuma, with the article. The Spirit of God, in
His personality and acting.

The Holy Spirit, τὸ ἅγιον πνεῦμα, to hagion Pneuma. The Holy Spirit of
God, personal.

The Holy Spirit, τὸ πνεῦμα τὸ ἅγιον, to Pneuma to hagion. With two articles.
His distinctive personality.