The Believer’s Tongue

James 1:19-20 – Careful Speech what we say, when and how we say it.
James 2:12,14 – Consistent Speech with actions
James 3:7-8 – Controlled Speech – The bit of the horse, the rudder of a ship, the tongue like a match starts a fire
The beast is behind our teeth!
James 4:11,12 – Compassionate Speech, not slander, unkind or cruel – Gossip – Behind back, not to face Flattery – To Face, Not behind back, Rumour
Is it true? Is it confidential? Is it kind? Is it necessary?
James 5:12 – Correct Speech, accurate? Ulterior motive? Ambiguous?
Mat 12:34-35,36-37
Luke 6:43-44,45
Isa 50:4,5
2 Sam 23:15,16
Proverbs wisdom mentions the mouth 16X
Prov 10:19-21
Prov 12:14
Prov 13:2-3
Prov 16:23
Prov 21:23
1 Sam 3:19 – No words fall to the ground
Testimony takes time to build, but only minutes to destroy
Rom 12 yielded to God