Each Dispensation

In Each Dispensation

In each dispensation the trend of man is away from God. The responsibility of man in each dispensation is to believe the Word of God and to obey Him. At the end of each dispensation, God gives man up to his own way.
Each dispensation shows that evil is headed up in a person or persons.

1st Dispensation-Satan and the fallen woman.
2nd Dispensation-Sinful angels.
3rd Dispensation-Nimrod.
4th Dispensation-Pharaoh.
5th Dispensation-Judas, Scribes and Pharisees.
6th Dispensation-Modernists.
7th Dispensation=-Anti-Christ.
8th Dispensation-Satan.

Each dispensation ends in a world crisis.

1st Dispensation-Expulsion of man from the garden.
2nd Dispensation-The flood.
3rd Dispensation-Confusion of tongues.
4th Dispensation-Bondage of the chosen race.
5th Dispensation-The cross of Christ.
6th Dispensation-The rapture of the church.
7th Dispensation-The wrath of God and the binding of Satan.
8th Dispensation-Fire from heaven.

In each dispensation God comes down.

1st Dispensation-God came down to the garden.
2nd Dispensation-God talked with Noah.
3rd Dispensation-God said, “Let us go down.”
4th Dispensation-“I am come down” (burning bush).
5th Dispensation-Incarnation of Christ.
6th Dispensation-The Lord shall descend.
7th Dispensation-Coming to earth.
8th Dispensation-Still upon the earth.

There are statements in the Bible which apparently are contradictory, and to avoid confusion
one must follow the rules given below in dividing the Truth.
(1) Not only must Truth be divided into dispensations, but it must be divided in the same dispensation.

Examples-Compare Matt 10:5-6 with Mar 16:15.
The first command was given by Christ before it became evident that the Jews would reject Him. The second command was given after His crucifixion and resurrection.
Example-Compare Luk 9:3 and Matt 10:9-10 with Luk 22:36.
Above rule applies to this. “But now” makes the difference.
Example-Compare Isa. 2:4 and Joel 3:10 and II Tim 3:1.
Applies to dispensation of Judgment and Kingdom and Grace.
Example-Compare Psa 58:10 with Rom 12:17,21 Law and Grace.
Example-Compare Rev 20:12 with II Cor 5:10. One is judgment as to whether or not men are saved, and the other is judgment as to the works done after salvation.

(2) One must never take truth that belongs to a past dispensation and bring it up to the present.

«a)) Roman Catholicism (mixture of Paganism, Christianity, and Judaism ) brings the
earthly priesthood of the Law up to the present dispensation.

«b)) Seventh Day Adventism brings the Law which was given to the Jewish people down to this dispensation-Rom 7:4-6

(3) Never take truth from a future dispensation and try to apply it to the present.

«a)) Russellism=-The 144,000 mentioned in Rev. 7 taken from the judgment dispensation.

«b)) The Church belongs to this dispensation; and Abel, Noah, Abraham, -etc. do not
belong to the Church

(4) Do not take statements applying to any other dispensation and try to make them fit the present one.

Example: Gen. 6:3-belongs to Conscience.
Luke 11: 13-belongs to Law.
Rom. 8:9-belongs to Grace.
Jn. 7:27-39-belongs to Doctrine of Holy Spirit.

(5) Do not put the present into the future.

The church is not going into the tribulation.
This period is connected with the Jews, and IS “The time of Jacobs trouble”-Jer. 30:3; Dan. 12:1.