IN BIBLE ATGen.1:26-28, 2:23Gen. 3:8, 23Gen. 8:1Gen. 12:1Ex.19:8Jn.1:17Dan. 12:1, Jer.30:7Eph.1:9-10
UPON  WHOAll MankindAll MankindAll MankindAbraham & SeedIsraelAll MankindAll MankindAll Mankind
FROM-TOCreation of man To fall of manFall of man to floodFlood to tower of BabelCall of Abraham to ExodusExodus to Cross (Sinai to Calvary)Descent of  Holy Spirit to descent of ChristAscent of Church to descent of ChristDescent of Christ to Great White Throne
LENGTH OF TIMEUnknown1656 years427 years430 years1491 years~ 2000 Years7 years1000 years
CONDITIONMan in innocence. Not ignorantIn sin— Gen. 6:5-6Noah now righteous leader,Man governingIdolatry and nation scatteredBondage to Obedience and disobedienceAll the world guilty before GodIntense sufferingLiving in Kingdom of Glory
OBLIGATIONNot to eat of the tree of knowledge  of Good & EvilDo good and choose right Gen.4:6-7Govern for God Gen.9:5-6Stay in land of promise Gen.12:5Keep the lawAccept Christ… BelieveWorship God & refuse to worship the beastSubmit to the Son
TRANSGRESSIONDisobeyed  and ate lust of flesh, eyes, pride of lifeDid evil Mat. 24:37-39Building Tower of Babel Gen. 11:4Went into EgyptFailed to keep the lawFailed to accept ChristRepented not. Worshipped the beastFeigned obedience
CONDEMNATIONCurse on man Gen. 3:14-19God destroyed flesh Gen.6:13Tongues confused Gen. 11:7SlaveryDivision of North & South Kingdoms 1 Kings 11:29-40Judgement & eternal damnationBattle of Armageddon DestructionFire devours them Rev. 20:9
CULMINATIONExpulsion from the garden Gen.3:24Flood… 8 savedPeople scattered Gen. 11:8In Egypt under PharaohCalvary… Christ fulfilled the lawRapture of the church from the worldArmageddonCast into the Lake of Fire
PREDICTIONPromise of the Redeemer Gen. 3:15Ark… Salvation Gen 6:18      New Covenant with NoahConfusion in GovernmentPromise of seed thru Abraham more definite Gen. 22:18Isa. 9:6-7 “For unto us a child is born”1 Thess. 4:16-17Matt. 24:29-31New heavens and new earth
CORRECTION (INSTRUCTION)They would not be as God! ( as Satan said)Conscience not sufficient to bring man to GodNo hope in human governmentGod did not abandon world by choosing AbrahamThe law will not save!Eph. 2:8-9