Col 2:4. The apostle is warning against allowing the mind to be derailed from the simple walk with Christ as Lord and saviour
(2 Cor 11:3 – the simplicity that is in Christ.)
(Beguile – deceive, delude) paralogizomai (παραλογίζομαι, 3884 & James 1:22), lit. and primarily, “to reckon wrong,” hence means “to reason falsely” (para, “from, amiss,” logizomai, “to reason”) or “to deceive by false reasoning” Vine, W. E.

Col 2:6. In verse 6 the first imperative “WALK” is encountered.
Three more will follow in this chapter.

Col 2:8. “Beware”, “Be careful”, “See to it”
(Beware – take heed) – intent, earnest contemplation, Acts 1:9, of the gaze of the disciples when the Lord ascended Vine, W. E.
Cheat – (Spoil) sulagogeo (συλαγωγέω, 4812), “carry you off as spoil.” The false teacher, take control, through his “philosophy and vain deceit,” would carry them off as so much booty. Vine, W. E.

Col 2:16 “Judge, evaluate” – “to judge adherence to Jewish law”
Wuest – Stop therefore allowing anyone to be sitting in judgment upon you

Col 2:18 “to disqualify, defraud, condemn”
Wuest – Let no one as a judge declare you unworthy of a reward