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IN BIBLE AT Gen.1:26-28, 2:23 Gen. 3:8, 23 Gen. 8:1 Gen. 12:1 Ex.19:8 Jn.1:17 Dan. 12:1, Jer.30:7 Eph.1:9-10
UPON  WHO All Mankind All Mankind All Mankind Abraham & Seed Israel All Mankind All Mankind All Mankind
FROM-TO Creation of man
To fall of man
Fall of man to flood Flood to tower of Babel Call of Abraham to Exodus Exodus to Cross
(Sinai to Calvary)
Descent of  Holy Spirit to descent of Christ Ascent of Church to descent of Christ Descent of Christ to Great White Throne
LENGTH OF TIME Unknown 1656 years 427 years 430 years 1491 years ~ 2000 Years 7 years 1000 years
CONDITION Man in innocence. Not ignorant In sin—
Gen. 6:5-6
Noah now righteous leader,Man governing Idolatry and
nation scattered
Bondage to Obedience and disobedience All the world
guilty before God
Intense suffering Living in Kingdom of Glory
OBLIGATION Not to eat of the tree of knowledge  of Good & Evil Do good and choose right
Govern for God
Stay in land of promise
Keep the law Accept Christ…
Worship God & refuse to worship the beast Submit to the Son
TRANSGRESSION Disobeyed  and ate lust of flesh, eyes, pride of life Did evil
Mat. 24:37-39
Tower of Babel
Gen. 11:4
Went into Egypt Failed to keep the law Failed to accept Christ Repented not. Worshipped the beast Feigned obedience
Gen. 3:14-19
God destroyed flesh Gen.6:13 Tongues confused Gen. 11:7 Slavery Division of North & South Kingdoms
1 Kings 11:29-40
Judgement & eternal damnation Battle of Armageddon Destruction Fire devours them Rev. 20:9
CULMINATION Expulsion from the garden
8 saved
People scattered
Gen. 11:8
In Egypt under Pharaoh Calvary… Christ fulfilled the law Rapture of the church from the world Armageddon Cast into the
Lake of Fire
PREDICTION Promise of the Redeemer
Gen. 3:15
Ark… Salvation
Gen 6:18      New Covenant with Noah
Confusion in Government Promise of seed thru Abraham more definite Gen. 22:18 Isa. 9:6-7
“For unto us a child is born”
1 Thess. 4:16-17 Matt. 24:29-31 New heavens and new earth
They would not be as God!
( as Satan said)
Conscience not sufficient to bring man to God No hope in human government God did not abandon world by choosing Abraham The law
will not save!
Eph. 2:8-9