Dispensation of Promise.

(a) From the call of Abraham to the Exodus—430 years.

Gen. 11:10-15:21.

  1. Abram’s condition—probably was in idolatry, but he listened to God. His faith began when
    he left Ur. He became righteous when he believed Gods promise concerning his son.
  2. God’s promises and covenants—Gen. 12:1-3; 13:14-17; 15:6.

Man’s responsibility -Cen. 26:2, 3.

  1. To stay in the land which God gave to him, and not to go down into Egypt which is a type
    of the world.
  2. Abram doubts God’s word, and when famine cornea, he goes to Egypt for food. Abram could
    not have died in spite of the famine, because the promises of Cod had not been fulfilled.

Man’s failure—Gen. 47:1.

All of Jacob’s house went down into the land of Egypt.

Consequences of man’s failure—Ex. 1:8-14.

Slavery in Egypt—sin and idolatry.

Moral Condition.

They turned to the gods of the Egyptians and became idolatrous—Ezck. 20:7-9.

Divine mercy.

Deliverance and preservation of Israel.