A Covenant is – An agreement or contract between men, or between God and a man, a group of men, or a nation.

ADAMIC – The Second Covenant – Between God and Adam/Eve outside – the Garden – ( Gen 3:14-24 )


As to the Serpent:

  • cursed more than all other beasts, ( although They were cursed to a lesser degree as well )
  • move on his belly
  • eat dust
  • be hated of the woman and her seed

( Enmity – enemy status, hostility, hatred ) – to bruise and be bruised

( This applies also to Satan who’s head was dealt a deadly blow at Calvary, from which he will never recover, but who has been inflicting wounds on man in every age. This is the beginning of the “highway of the seed” and the promise of a redeemer. Gen 3:15)

As to the Woman:

  • multiplied conception
  • motherhood linked with sorrow
  • the headship of the man

As to the Man:

  • the ground cursed, to produce thorns & thistles ( This new product reflects the fall of the creation as referenced in Romans 8:22 )
  • to eat of the reluctant earth with toil & sorrow
  • to return to dust in death

As to GOD:

  • He MADE A COVERING of Skins ( Gen 3:21 )